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Re-Visioning Existential Therapy: Counter-traditional Perspectives
September 2020

The book enlightens, stimulates, and provokes the reader out of complacency. It expands the breadth and scope of the approach, discusses recent developments in psychotherapy and philosophy, and aligns existential therapy to a progressive, radical, and counter-traditional ethos…

Psychotherapy, Interview Series
Article, repsychl.co.uk, March 2022

The following interview forms part of a series where I invite contemporary artists to each reflect on their personal history, meaning, and philosophy, and how those are embedded throughout their creative process…

Where Do You Sit on the Stress-To-Burnout Spectrum?
Article, counselling-directory,org.uk, March 2022

Stress is good for us. In little doses that is. It gives us energy, stimulates our creativity, connects us to our strength and motivation so that we may deliver our best at exactly the right moment and cope with life’s demands…

Meet the Therapist
Interview, welldoing.org, September 2021

I am fascinated by people’s stories; each one is unique, each journey different. It felt only natural to me that following my own challenging life experiences, I returned to university to retrain as a psychotherapist and help others, as once I was helped…

What is komorebi?
Interview, Happiful Magazine, November 2020

Every time I look up from my desk, I see my favourite art print – The Shyness of Treesby Marcel George. Imagining you’re looking straight up towards the sky, the illustration depicts a canopy of trees with channel-like gaps between the crowns…

What Leads to Suicide and How to Manage Suicidal Thoughts
Article, welldoing.org, September 2020

Suicide wrecks lives. Reflect for a moment on the intense suffering of someone contemplating taking his or her life. Then think about the instant aftermath of their suicide. Now consider all the people who are affected by their suicide…

Dream Harder: A Phenomenological Exploration
Chapter, September 2020

Chapter in Re-Visioning Existential Therapy: Counter-Traditional Perspectives, edited by Manu Bazzano.

Endings: Farewell My Mother’s Home
Article, Hermeneutic Circular, October 2019

I stand here for the last time. In the kitchen. I’m alone, my hands lean on the back of a stool; mine was in the corner of the kitchen table…

Expat Reality Can Sting: Discovering Yourself in a Foreign World
Article, counselling-directory.org.uk, May 2019

A move abroad when your partner is offered a promotion can augur an exciting stage in your life. However, more often than not, the reality of a strange world stings…

Say ‘No’ without Damaging your Career
Interview, Financial Management Magazine, December 2018

Joyce Marter is certainly familiar with the downside of taking on too much at work. As the founder of Urban Balance, a counselling practice with a team of more than 100 licensed therapists…

Dossier: Restore Your Energy. The Vitality Revamp
Interview. Psychologies Magazine. August 2018

Need to set your groove back but don’t know how? These restful remedies will restore the balance in your life, and help you release and recover…

Two is the Magic Number: Cofounders Share the Secret of their Partnership’s Success
Interview. Courier Magazine. November 2017

Life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced (Kierkegaard)